Marc Weissberg

Marc Weissberg

Development, performance and shareholder returns are key factors of corporate life. The challenges are manifold and the road can be long and difficult.

For over ten years, WCI has stood alongside its clients during major strategic developments.
Mergers, acquisitions, capital increases, shareholding structure, sales and public offerings are the main areas on which we have built our reputation.

We claim to be unique and we are !
First and foremost, we are entrepreneurs and managers with a vast wealth of industrial experience.
Consequently, we have a better understanding of the challenges, risks and opportunities.
We speak the same language as our clients.
We are able to find better solutions and be more creative and innovative.
We offer our clients greater added value.

WCI is by nature international and has what it takes to carry out this policy.
Our teams are multilingual and stem from a variety of cultural and geographical backgrounds.
We travel, we are on the move and we never stop seeking the best solutions and opportunities for our clients.

Above all else, we are also men and women who are proud of our ability to build and maintain relationships with our clients.
Mergers and acquisitions are a great human experience.

In order to assist you, we have set up WCI Europe in Brussels, in the heart of Europe.
Closer to our clients in order to better serve you and be closer to your market.

It is with pride and enthusiasm that we look forward to contributing to your success.

Marc Weissberg

Marc Weissberg

Thierry Marlier

Thierry Marlier

Investment Banking 

WCI Europe’s activity is based on four pillars that represent as many specific situations in the corporate life of companies that have reached a stage of development justifying WCI’s support.

Stratégies de Développement

Development strategies

The company has gone through the various stages of its initial development. It is structured: a management team is there around its director, the product has demonstrated its potential and success has been achieved through business development. The production plant is running at full speed, but there is still so much to do! Develop export, acquire a competitor that has a complementary product, open a second production centre and develop a new, more than promising business model. Finances are stable, but insufficient for these projects. Bank loans are in place, but are used by the existing lines. The shareholders are convinced, but more weight and experience should also be given to the Board of Directors.

In all these specific cases, WCI Europe steps in alongside shareholders by enabling them to realise the capital increases needed for the development of their company, but also making a substantive addition to the Board of Directors within the context of the same operation. It’s what we call providing smart money.

Fusions et Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

Within the context of its development, the company may be led to accelerate its development, refocus its activities or finance new projects by buying or selling some of its activities.

WCI Europe assists them in these projects by identifying optimal targets that meet specific requirements. WCI starts negotiations within the scope of its mandate and assists the company in closing the deals. Depending on the mandate they are given, WCI also provides the financing solutions for the deal.

WCI accepts purchase mandates and sales mandates, but never within the scope of an identical transaction.

In the event of and with a view to a future merger, WCI accepts mandates for establishing strategic alliances with cross-shareholding.

Stratégies d’Exit

Exit strategies

The time has come for shareholders to maximise the value of their investment. The years have been long and some have been difficult, but the ship has arrived at the right port. Maximising the value of such work is neither simple nor quick. The buyer who correctly values this success does exist, but not specifically in the same country or in the same business sector.

Understandably, an exit is something unique in the life of a shareholder, so much so that such a transaction must be carefully prepared and executed meticulously and in the strictest confidentiality.

WCI Europe performs these mandates on a highly restrictive basis, with maximum protection of the company. In this way, the exit can be achieved without disturbing the company and its director in the day-to-day management, shielded from prying eyes and sundry comments, and without upsetting the company’s personnel, partners, suppliers, clients and banks.



Sometimes things turn out to be less positive for the company and its shareholders. Events have been unfavourable, the needs of the market have evolved or all other circumstances that lead the company into a crisis situation.

WCI Europe advises shareholders and directors in developing their restructuring plan as well as in the financing thereof.

Naturally, time is a key factor in this sort of assignment. That is why strategic choices are all the more crucial. It is therefore vitally important for companies to take the right decisions in a timely manner and not wait too long before deciding to act.

The long experience of WCI in industrial restructuring shows that the chances of achieving a successful turnaround drastically increase the sooner WCI can take charge of the project.



Our core sectors are those for which WCI Europe offers an unmatched and indisputable added value to its clients.

  • Food industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry, parapharmaceuticals, medical equipment

  • Heavy industry

  • Energy

  • Banks, financial sector

  • Distribution, specialised distribution, franchise

  • Luxury sector


Regardless of the ultimate definition of our assignment or of the type of service selected, WCI’s mandates always include the following guarantees:

  • Confidentiality : with the aim not to disclose any sensitive information and to guarantee the conditions for negotiating future agreements.

  • Independence : WCI is in no way affiliated with any other institutional groups and therefore has no interest other than to satisfy its clients.

  • Commitment : WCI only acts in the interest of its clients.

  • Provision : provisions are set aside for WCI assignments in order to ensure that parties are committed to the success of the project.

  • Expenses : only the expenses incurred by WCI will be billed to its clients on a monthly basis.

  • Remuneration : WCI is mainly paid on the basis of the success of its assignment.

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